by on June 4, 2018

Remote shutter is no longer a science fiction novel. It not only exists, but it is now accessible. Use it as much as possible to simplify your daily life!


What is home automation?

This is a centralized ordering long range radio control system designed to connect the various worlds of houses between them in order to provide its residents with the best comfort. Then, connected homes become places of life where all mobile devices can be ordered. Just pressing a button is enough.


Whether it is a pergola with an adjustable blade, a door, a shutter or even a garage door, home automation can control everything, if planned. Indeed, everything depends on the connection box you purchased.

remote shutter

Remote shutter

We are discussing a component that is coupled with a home automation system. In this case, it is connected to a control center box; this system can not only control the shutter remotely, but also allow him to take appropriate posture according to the position of the sun.


In fact, home automation shutter is smart protection for your windows: when the day comes, it will open; therefore, you enjoy the first dawn of the sun; you don't need to worry about anything, your shutter door is connected to it to connect on the box, it opens itself.


When night falls, the opposite is true: Your protection measures will detect that the brightness is declining, so you need to turn off the brightness to keep the room's maximum heat. From the moment the sun disappears, the rolling shutter door that is connected to the home automation equipment will fall on its own.


Therefore, you can feel comfortable and focus on other tasks. Moreover, other motorized rf remote control devices may also depend on home automation. This is the case with roof windows, garage doors, and gates... The remote control runs on many devices and can even control your heating consumption by optimally adjusting its use.

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